How to Apply MAC Eyeshadow

How to Apply MAC Eyeshadow

How to Apply MAC Eyeshadow

Brow bone/highlight: use soft, neutral shades similar or lighter than your natural skin colour to ‘lift’ the brow bone. Shimmering or frosty shades will emphasis this area, matte or satin shades will merely lift and neutralise the area.

Lid: this can be divided into two areas, the inner lid (the half closest to your nose) and the outer lid (the half closest to your ears). A single colour can be swept over both halves, or a lighter colour applied in the inner half and a darker colour on the outer half.

Contour: the deepest part of the eye area, this can be deepened with a dark shadow to emphasise the natural contour of the eye or lightened with a paler shadow to give the illusion of being less recessed into the eye. Single-lidded eyes (typically East Asian) may have no natural crease in which to contour. this can also be refered to as the ‘inner v’ (the crease area closest to your nose) or the ‘outer v’(the crease area closest to your ears).

Lashline/ lower lashline: the line/area in which your eyelashes grow. This can be strongly emphasised with eyeliner applied from the lashline up and onto the eyelid to create a bold lined look, or discreetly emphasised by only using eyeliner or dark eyeshadow in between the eyelashes.

Waterline/inner rims: the damp, mucus-producing rim located inside the lashline which contacts when your eyes are closed. This area is exceptionally sensitive and great care should be taken when applying cosmetics to this area.

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