How to Choose Eye Shadow Color

How to Choose Eye Shadow Color

How to Choose Eye Shadow Color

Eye makeup is one of the most important part in the whole makeup look. Your eyes are the first feature that many people notice when first meeting you. Picking a suitable eye shadow color depends on your eye color and skin color. Contrast colors for eye shadows will make your eyes stand out.Here are some tips you may want considering when pick up your right eye shadow.

Avoid colors don’t fit you.Brown eye shadows will have more natural look in general. It will enlarge your eyes because it’s a natural color for shadows. It is also good for work because it’s very subtle.Be careful with any shade of green eye shadow color. If it’s not done right, you will look very unnatural. The shade of green is important as well. Bright greens tend to look unnatural while dark greens make your eyelids look dirty. Leave this color to the skilled makeup artist. Also be careful with pinks too, it tends to make eyes look more puffy. Pink eye shadows are for people that have deep set eyes. In fact, if you want to bring your eyes forward, pink is the best color to do the job.

Choose the right eye shadows base on your eye color. If you have blue eyes, warm browns and peaches will make your eyes stand out. Brown is the contrast color of blue and will bring out the blue in your eyes. You should stay away from blue eye shadow. A cool rose colored eye shadow will complement your eyes nicely.
If you have gray eyes, cool browns and cool purples tend to look the best with your eyes. Cool colors match gray eyes because gray is a cool color. If you have green / hazel eyes, you should try warm orange-brown eye shadow color. It will make your eyes stand out. Green / hazel eyes are earth tone eyes, try violet or purple colors as well. If you have brown eyes, you are lucky, you can almost get away with any color.

Choose your eye shadow colors base on your skin tone. If you have lighter skin, wear lighter colors, for darker skin, wear darker colors.

The best makeup brand that has a variety of eye shadow color to choose from is MAC. Their shadow sets have so many colors that if you can think of one, they probably have it. Another thing about Mac eye shadows is that it must color the skin effectively which makes applying makeup easy for you.

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