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Our MAC Face Charts website also provides whole collection downloading. The whole collection of MAC Face Charts on our site are organized by year and the collection name in each year, it include over 500 face charts in total. For example, in our 2007 folder, we have collection names as a sub-folder, such as: Adorn, Antiquitease, Balloonacy, Barbie Loves MAC, C-Shock, FlashTronic, Moonbathe, Originals, Raquel Welch, Smoke Signals, Strange Hybrids and Sundressing, and there are 3 to 8 of MAC Face Charts under each sub folder.

We keep our MAC Halloween Face Charts separated from these yearly collections; they are all under Halloween folder and organized by year. Bridal, Lady Gaga and Blank MAC Face Charts are zipped individually as well.

Most of our MAC Face Chats are in JPG picture format, some of face charts are in Adobe PDF format, and they are all compressed in Zip format with password protection for easy downloading. In order to view these Face Charts, you need request the password list and download your WinZip or 7-zip software to uncompress the file.

We will try our best be keep our MAC Face Chart updated, and in order to and keep this site running for all MAC Fans, when request your password list, you need to complete one of Survey or Game Download Offers. We only deal with reputable company in this industry, and we choose all our offers very carefully, by any chance you have any issues with them, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Download Your MAC Face Charts now, it’s Free!

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